The Celts

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! For the day that’s in it we are going to go back to ancient Ireland and the group of people who populated the island milennia ago – the Celts.

Scholars like Ian Hornsby have argued that these people are actually responsible for bringing brewing to what is now modern Ireland, but this is not entirely uncontested.[1] According to Hornsby, ‘As was the case in many ancient societies, the females would have been responsible for domestic duties such as brewing’. [2]

Recently, loads of charred barley grains were unearthed at Eberdingen-Hochdorf, a 2,550 year-old Celtic settlement. Using these materials, archaeobotanist Hans-Peter Stika attempted to recreate a Celtic ale using Iron Age methods. For the full results of his brew and to read more about this find please see his paper: ‘Early Iron Age and Late Mediaeval Malt Finds From Germany: Attempts At Reconstruction of Early Celtic Brewing and The Taste of Celtic Beer’.[3]



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